Water is our most valuable shared resource and together we can keep it
that way for generations to come.
Watershed Education Network

The Watershed Education Network (WEN) is a Missoula, Montana non-profit organization dedicated to fostering knowledge, understanding and appreciation of watershed health through science and outreach. Some of their intensive programs for kids of all ages include the following (click the link to visit their website for more information on each of these programs):

Additionally, WEN offers other important services to our community: wetlands and watershed teacher tours; staffing and tabling for community events; groundwater and aquifer education; general water and river ecology presentations; science fair support; education outreach and coordination of water science resources. Through important partnerships and support from dozens of local, state and national organizations an companies, WEN has been able to continue expanding their work to increasing numbers of children and community members.

More information about WEN and the education programs is available at MontanaWatershed.org.

The Missoula Aquifer demonstration model

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