Water is our most valuable shared resource and together we can keep it
that way for generations to come.
Rattlesnake Creek Fish Ladder

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In 2001-2002, Mountain Water Company partnered with local biologists and other concerned groups to build a permanent fish ladder at the Rattlesnake Creek Dam to allow trout to migrate upstream and spawn.

Biologists have used counts of bull trout ‘redds’ or spawning nests in the stream above the dam to help monitor the success of the project. Redd counts and the number of juvenile trout in the stream indicate that the project is succeeding in helping fish populations in the Rattlesnake Creek.

Mountain Water Company carefully maintains the Rattlesnake Creek Dam and reservoir as an emergency backup water supply. By working closely with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department throughout this project, we have been able to both preserve this emergency supply and assist with fish conservation efforts.


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