Water is our most valuable shared resource and together we can keep it
that way for generations to come.
Protecting the Aquifer

Anything you pour on the ground can reach the aquifer. Motor oil, fuels, solvents, insecticides and other dangerous substances carelessly dumped in drains, in the street or on the ground seep down through the same porous soil that helped create the aquifer and into our drinking supply.

At Mountain Water, we regularly monitor all wells to make sure the water you drink is safe. But we all need to work hard to keep dangerous contaminants from our water source. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Dispose of wastes at the Haz Waste Days.

  • If you have a septic system, maintain it in good repair and have it pumped every five years. Faulty systems can put dangerous bacteria into our drinking water.

  • Donít dump toxic or petroleum-based products in your septic system.

  • Choose non-toxic alternative products whenever possible. Many are now available for lawns, gardens, households and workshops.

  • When fertilizing your lawn or garden, use the least toxic and most selective alternative and only use what the manufacturer recommends.

  • Donít over-irrigate after fertilizer or pesticide use. Ė Too much will penetrate through your lawn or garden and seep deep into the ground.

  • Reduce the amount of wastes you must dispose of. Buy only the household or shop chemicals you need to do the job.

  • Make sure you really need the products you buy. Once you buy them, you are responsible for properly disposing of them.

  • Read the labels of all hazardous products for special instructions on proper use and disposal.

  • Take your used engine oil to Allied Waste for recycling.

The following items are dangerous for the Aquifer:

Motor Oils Oil-based Paints Paint Thinners
Fertilizers Gasoline Solvents
Pesticides Brake Cleaners Anti-Freeze
Chemical Spot Removers Furniture Strippers  

Click here to find out how to dispose of these hazardous items.

For more information visit the Missoula Valley Water Quality Districtís website at


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