Water is our most valuable shared resource and together we can keep it
that way for generations to come.
Our Culture / What we believe in

Our Mission:

The people of Mountain Water Company are dedicated to providing quality water and dependable service to the Missoula community at a reasonable price.

Our Vision:

Our vision is an organization that is viable, flexible and responsive to the needs of all stakeholders now and in the future. The foundation of our company is built on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, the Guiding Principles and the Leadership Constants.

We are committed to:

  • Safety, to protect our stakeholders and maintain a quality environment;
  • Customer service, to provide reliable, quality water service, meeting or exceeding set standards, at a reasonable price to our customers; and
  • Our community, to be a positive civic member recognizing and supporting the attributes that enhance the quality of life.
To meet these commitments, we are dedicated to:
  • Creating a quality workplace where we have the opportunity for lifelong learning;
  • Anticipating and preparing for changes in our business environment;
  • Integrating proven technologies that assist in real-time system control, information management, and prospective analysis.


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