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Flat Rate Letter

Dear Customer:

During Mountain Water’s last general rate filing, the City of Missoula argued successfully that it should no longer be required to pay for fire hydrant charges out of its general tax fund. In February 2006, the Public Service Commission ordered that all public hydrant fees, totaling about $425,000 per year, were to be passed on to the general water customers.

The Cost of Service Allocation Study resulting from this ruling is still being reviewed, but preliminary results indicate that a significant increase may be a possibility for all flat rate sprinkling customers. The purpose of this letter is to notify our customers of this potential increase.

You do have a choice to have a meter installed and be billed under the metered tariffs as opposed to the flat rate tariffs. This option could save you dollars on your overall sprinkling and domestic water bills. The meter is installed by Mountain Water, at no charge, if the plumbing in your residence doesn’t need modifications. Meters cannot be installed in crawl spaces. One of our service people can meet with you to discuss this option in more detail, specific to your situation. The property owner must approve, in writing, a request for meter installation.

The flat rate charge for the sprinkling season covers the period of May 1st through September 30th (153) days. Any rate change during that period can result in a prorated adjustment to your bill for that period depending on the effective date of the rate adjustment.

Please call our office at (406) 721-5570 or visit our website at www.mtnwater.com for more information.

Thank You

Mountain Water Company

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