Mountain Water Company supports a variety of local education projects about water and our environment. Through this website, our newsletter, and brochures available through the mail or at our office, we also strive to keep our customers informed on all the latest information on water-related topics. Customers may also check out American Water Works Association water education videos available for loan at our office on West Broadway.

Education Projects sponsored by Mountain Water Company:

Clark Fork Coalition: Hidden Life of Water

Visit the Clark Fork Coalition's Hidden Life of Water video, produced with help from Mountain Water Company.

(Left: Mountain Water Company Employee Shanna Adams at the Clark Fork Coalition's premiere of The Hidden Life of Water in June of 2013).


The Clark Fork Watershed Festival

The Clark Fork Watershed Festival is an educational program that teaches Missoula-area sixth graders about the geography, ecology and history of the Clark Fork Watershed. Included is:

  • An informational teacher's packet with classroom activities.
  • Two classroom visits by undergraduate students to teach hands-on watershed activities and prepare students for the field trips.
  • Pre-test and post-testing to assess the students' grasp of lessons taught during the program.
  • A student workbook to guide the students through the classroom and field trip lessons.
  • A full-day field trip to Fort Missoula where 8 workshop stations teach watershed concepts.

  • Watershed Education Network
  • The Watershed Education Network is a Missoula, Montana non-profit organization dedicated to fostering knowledge, understanding and appreciation of watershed health through science and outreach. We currently take more than 1,500 K-12th grade students annually to 20 different stream sites within the Clark Fork River Basin as part of our School Stream Monitoring Program. As real-time scientists, students measure physical, chemical and biological parameters of water health. This program also offers biannual monitoring trainings to community and university volunteers and interns.

    WEN’s other watershed education programs include “Water Explorations,” a high school flagship program, and our Milltown Dam Education Program. Additionally, we offer the following services to our community: wetlands and watershed teacher tours; staffing and tabling for community events; groundwater and aquifer education; general water and river ecology presentations; science fair support; education outreach and coordination of water science resources. More information about WEN and our education programs is available at

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