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MOUNTAIN WATER COMPANY wants to remind Missoula residents that fire hydrants are essential to public safety and must be kept clear of ALL obstructions, including snow. While our winter snow helps the summertime water supply, it also creates difficulties for Missoula firefighters.

Our crews maintain over 1300 fire hydrants in the water distribution system. The Missoula Fire Department relies on these hydrants to provide a water supply during fire suppression efforts. The area surrounding a fire hydrant located on private property is the responsibility of the property owner and needs to be carefully maintained. Obscured and/or inaccessible fire hydrants are a concern for your firefighters - if a hydrant is not clearly visible, fire crews responding to emergencies could be delayed in locating that hydrant. In a fire situation, time is of the essence and any delay could result in loss of life or property.

The Uniform Fire Code states that "materials shall not be placed or kept near fire hydrants" and adds that "a three foot clear space shall be maintained around the circumference of the hydrants." Missoula's City Ordinance requires a five foot clearance around hydrants on new construction.

Public support for maintaining hydrants and the area surrounding them will help fire crews respond quickly and help save lives. If you note hydrants that are obstructed and / or damaged, please report that information to Mountain Water or to the Missoula Fire Department.

Mountain Water Company:    406-721-5570
Missoula Fire Department:    406-552-6210

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The City of Missoula is aggressively pursuing condemnation of Mountain Water’s assets in court. As a customer or resident, naturally you have questions about how this affects you — What is condemnation? How much will this process cost? Will City ownership increase water rates? Does the process impact the pending sale of Mountain Water to Liberty Utilities?