Water is our most valuable shared resource and together we can keep it
that way for generations to come.
What is Backflow and why is is a danger?

Mountain Water customers expect the water supplied to them to be safe and healthful. In pursuit of this goal, Mountain Water Company has expended considerable resources to protect the water from contamination or pollution as it flows through the distribution system. Once the water leaves the distribution system and flows into the customerís plumbing, we lose sanitary control over the water and by law, we cannot allow it to return to the distribution system. It is possible for contamination to occur when a water supply line is connected to equipment containing a non-potable (unfit to drink) substance. A water line may be connected to a tank filled with acid, or a hose may drop into a bucket of cleaning solution. These connections, called Cross-Connections, are defined as any unprotected actual or potential connection between a potable water system and any other water source  or any used water, industrial fluid, gas, or any other substance. These cross-connections, whether permanent or temporary, are dangerous if no protective measures are taken.

Backflow can occur when the pressure in the distribution system drops, siphoning water or other materials from the consumerís system into the distribution system. For example, if you apply herbicide using an aspirator connected to a garden hose, under the right conditions, the herbicide can be drawn from its container and into your household plumbing. Backflow can also siphon any substance which is in contact with the water system through an unprotected cross-connection. Consumers must be aware of cross-connections and how to prevent them or protect such connections with the appropriate backflow prevention assembly.  To read a summary of our Cross-Connection/Backflow Program Requirements go to: http://www.mtnwater.com/standards.html, and click on "G.2: Backflow Requirements". If you would like more information on backflow protection, please contact Valarie Dowell at val@mtnwater.com or  721-5570.

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